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Some Individuals chose to prepare their own Income Tax Returns with over the counter software. Many of these individuals find themselves in trouble with the IRS when numbers were entered in the wrong place triggering wrong credits, wrong deductions and a wrong Tax Refund. These individuals are happy at first when they see the amount of their Refund but later they stress when they receive the IRS Letter.

Some of these individuals are lucky and have enough knowledge to be able to complete a decent Tax Return.

Send us your tax documents (W-2, 1099, etc) by email, text, fax. We'll work your tax return, you will be able to sign it online and we will transmit it to the IRS electronically. We have worked this way with plenty of super busy professionals, out of state clients, out of the country clients. At your choice you can get your paper return at our office or get them by email
The best choice is always to have a Professional Tax Preparer, a Licensed Professional, You can easily check if your Tax Guy has a current California / IRS Tax Credentials. You can check your tax guys Credentials for California at:

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