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PF Private Foundation Set Up
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 A Private Foundation is also a great way to bring your ideals, to further your single or collective efforts to bring good to others. With a Private Foundation recognized by the IRS and the Secretary of your State you can have a great Organization to receive your own donations and other individuals donations and bring goods and services to groups of needy individuals, while tax deductible to your donor, your Private Foundation can also issue tax deductible letters legally. Explore these possibilities and bring to life your Philanthropic interests.

With our Ladder to Success Package for PF $900
you get:

-PF application with the Secretary of State.

-EIN Employer Identification Number application with the IRS.

-PF application with the IRS for tax deductible designation (30 pages application).

 Statement of Information for the Secretary of State.

-Accounting set up.

-Business Plan.

-Website, (annual renewal fees will apply).
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